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Mairead Hume is passionate about Golf and Harris Tweed, so she combined the two and created this wonderful collection of golfing accessories and giftware for the most stylish of golfers. Throw in a passion for Scotland and you find the heart and soul in every product. All handmade in Scotland, each piece with a story to tell.

  • A Sense of luxury

    In the heart of Auchterarder, Perthshire, Mairead Hume (pronounced My Red) designs and creates Harris Tweed® Golf Accessories

    Harris Tweed® is the champagne of fabric, in its many colours and designs blended from the wonderful natural surroundings of the highlands and islands of Bonnie Scotland. 

  • A Sense of Authenticity

    There is only one Harris Tweed®. Harris Tweed® is one of the world's great textiles and the only one with a unique provenance, preserved by an Act of Parliament and protected by the world famous Orb Certification Mark certified by the Harris Tweed Authority.

  • A Sense of Tradition

    Harris Tweed® is more than a unique handwoven textile, it is also a story about a real place with a rich history and culture, beautiful landscape and vibrant communities. Located in Scotland's remote and beautiful Islands of the Outer Hebrides off the West coast of Scotland

Harris Tweed - A Hand Woven Heritage for Mairead Hume